3 Reasons Why Curly Girls Love Mielle Organics..

Being a curly hair girl, I found the world of natural hair brands very exciting! There was so many new brands, that I’ve never seen before and I just couldn’t wait to work my way through as many brands as I could to give you an honest review!I started out with trying the Mielle Cosmetics Hair Milk & Leave-In Conditioner. I was drawn to the brand because it stood out because of its pink colour, and I loved the fact that it had a nozzle, which I knew would be helpful in my haircare routine. 

3 Reasons ‘Why Curly Girls Love Mielle Organics’:

1. IT’S NATURAL HAIR-APPROVED!There’s a new surge in natural haircare, where many people are looking to use products safe and beneficial for their hair texture. This often includes information on the product label such a paraben free, no sulphates, phylates and silicone free etc. Mielle Organics is one of them and a great choice if you want an organic natural haircare brand. 

‘They have a unique blend of herbs, amino acids and minerals to support healthy hair, skin and nails, and immune system. – Mielle Cosmetics


These two lovely products from Mielle Organics, contain white peony and avocado oil infused in their products. These ingredients give the product a lovely scent and not only that these ingredients give you hair the nutrients it needs to remain strong and healthy.

White Peony is an ancient chinese herb great for aiding ‘hair loss’, while avocado oil contains vitamin E, which provides hair growth on the scalp. Because of it’s antioxidant properties it makes it an effective ingredient for maintaining hair integrity.


Because of it’s light texture, Mielle Organics is a favourite! It’s leave-in conditioner has a watery texture, which is great for both conditioning and detangling the hair. It doesn’t weigh the curls down and can be used on all curly hair types including 3a-4c hair. The hair milk is a medium consistency and holds in moisture well, it is a great addition to every curly girls haircare routine.

Hope you liked this post! We hope to feature and review different products on our blog, to let you know all about their benefits, consistency and haircare recommendations. Feel free to comment and let us know what you’re currently using. Thanks for reading!

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