8 Natural Beauty Hacks That’ll Give You Clearer Skin

8 Natural Beauty Hacks That’ll Give You Clearer Skin

‘Beauty is priceless!’

However, I for one, refuse to drop my hard-earned cash on expensive face packs when I can easily make my own with better benefits!

It’s not just about the money, I set out on a mission to find the best alternative methods for both pampering and daily beauty routines where you would know every single ingredient that goes into the products.

So, read on and discover what I believe the best beauty hacks the internet world has for us to offer. Without further ado, let’s get hacking!

  1. Coffee and Olive Oil scrubs, as a natural anti- oxidant coffee is a great ingredient to exfoliate and invigorate the skin, as well as olive oil which helps application and packed with Vitamin E.
  2. Collagen face mist, this is great because it gives moisture and elasticity to skin. When these sprays are used properly, they provide a hydration layer on the skin which can last all day. These products work best when sprayed, blotted and locked in with a all-day moisturiser.
  3. Plump lips with peppermint, whether you’d like to keep up with trends or pack dry lips with moisture, a small investment in peppermint is all you need. It soothes, revitalises lips and gives it a naturally plumpness. The scent is a bonus!
  4. Vaseline Lip Scrubs. Nearly everyone owns a pot of trusty petroleum jelly! It can also be used as a sweet lip scrub. Add equal parts of Vaseline and demerara sugar and scrub away!
  5. Homemade lip balm using old lip stick. Has your favourite lip stick nearly dries up, or no longer easy to apply? Fear no more, just remove the pigment and mix it with petroleum jelly, and voila, you will be able to continue sorting that colour.
  6. Green tea bags for puffy eyes, tiredness is one of the main causes of puffy eyes, so are you tired of them? Just grab a couple of natural green tea bags, soak them in warm water and apply on eyes. Leave for 5mins and do this at least once a week for best results, you would instantly feel more awake and brighter thanks to the many revitalising properties of green tea leaves.
  7. Lemon and honey brightening scrub. Lemons are not just for lemonades and the next time life gives you lemons, cut in half, pour a spoonful of honey on one half of a lemon and gently massage on to your skin. It will lead to brighter, glowing skin, and the confidence to deal with life!
  8. Honey face and Turmeric mask. Honey and turmeric are natural anti- septics and anti- inflammatory agents, which are extremely effective in prevention of acne and clear skin. Simply add a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of pure turmeric, apply onto skin and rinse after about 20 minutes later, for best results.

There we go, it’s time for you to test these amazing hacks and time to impress your friends and family too, as some of these would make great, DIY gifts!

Ready, steady, HACK!

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