Essential Oils Are A Must! TEN Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil

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Essential Oils Are A Must! TEN Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil

I’m sure you’ve seen the new wave of coconut oil ‘craze’. Many people are going ‘coco’ over it and for a good reason. Although there is a new trend, that has started, coconut oil has been used for thousands of years especially as a fundamental hair care routine in many countries like in south east Asia and especially in India & Malaysia, where it’s as common as having breakfast daily.

I for one grew up with coconut oil, making a bi-weekly routine of applying coconut oil and massaging it into my hair and scalp. I’ve always been told I have thick, healthy hair and boy am I grateful as I know it has and is still working wonders for me. It’s been a great way for me to manage and maintain my dry brittle hair. 

It’s about time the whole world gets to relish the benefits of this wonderful essential oil and our ingredient of the month, Coconut Oil!

So here are 10 reasons of using coconut oil:

  1. Deep Conditioning- it can be used as part of a deep conditioning hair routine. You can leave it in for minutes or hours under a steam cap to help restore oil and moisture back into your hair
  2. Hair growth- hair oils are great because they seal the cuticle of the hair, preventing moisture being lost from the hair strands. By sealing the moisture in, it provides an optimal environment for hair to grow in
  3. Reducing or preventing sun damage- they act as a protective barrier against the outer environment and prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the hair
  4. Anti- dandruff- this oil is great at this because, its enrich the scalp with nutrients and prevent the early shedding of the scalp (also known as dandruff). This often happens when the scalp being irritated.
  5. Grey hair reviver- coconut oil is great for grey hairs, it gives a gloss, shine that makes grey hair appear healthy and revived. Often times we see grey hairs looking limp or dry, but a few drops of coconut oil goes a long way!
  6. Moisture retention- this is by far one of the greatest benefits of coconut oil, the ability to hold in moisture, which for someone who constantly has dry hair, this will definitely be a game changer for you!
  7. Heat- styling- most of all are fond of using heat styling tools and regular use of heat can actually damage your hair. There are different ways of reducing heat damage and priming your hair with coconut oil as a heat protectant is a great start!
  8. Split ends- coconut oil can definitely help if you are prone to experiencing split ends. You can apply this oil to your hair daily, as it is a lightweight oil  and it will help seal your hair tips to reduce fraying and splitting. With regular use, you should start to see a difference.
  9. Reducing balding and patches- sometimes your hair falls out and you may genuinely not know why, it can happen for a multitude of reasons. If this is a new occurence for you and you are not quite sure what is going on, try using coconut oil and massaging it into the affected areas. It will provide the good nutrients for your hair to grow back in no time. If balding and patchiness persists after following a good hair care regimen, speak to your GP.
  10. Contains Vitamin E- coconut oil is a great source of vitamin E which can give your scalp the nutrients it needs. This is a great way of getting rid of dandruff and improving the overall healh of your scalp. 


If you are not familiar with coconut oil, I’m sure your wondering does it smell unpleasant or can it be rather too oily? And the answer is no, it actually has a nice smell and only becomes oily if you use too much at one time.

And last but not least, I have learnt that “Your hair is a like a meadow, if you do not maintain it, it will end up without beautiful flowers, and into an unloved, barren field!’ What she meant was, lack of maintenance it will lead to hair loss!

Wise words indeed, so a bit of TLC is incredibly important, so why not give the amazing oil a try!

This cost effective, nourishing and moisturizing oil is what makes its attractive for especially, dry, brittle hair.


Thank you so much for reading.

 Hairglo x

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