Stuck On What Products To Use? Here's The Beginners Guide To Curly Hair Care

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Stuck On What Products To Use? Here's The Beginners Guide To Curly Hair Care

This post I decided to write about curly hair care, mainly because we have so many customers walk into the shop who have natural hair but have no clue where to start! Below, I've listed the basics you need in a curly hair routine, so keep reading!


1. Shampoo

shea moisture coconut & hibiscusaunt jackie's shampoo
This is the first step in a hair care routine. Shampoos not only remove oil, dirt and build-up on the hair strands but they also set the foundation for the next steps which add the moisture back in. We always recommend that you use a sulphate- free shampoo as it doesn't strip too much of the moisture away. 

We recommend: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo or Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo and Aunt Jackies Purify Me Shampoo (see pictures above). 


2. Conditioner

Conditioning the hair to become soften, is a crucial step. It actually covers the next 3 sections of the beginners guide! Because of the 3D curl pattern often found in curly hair, it naturally loses more moisture than straight hair. So adding a moisturising conditioner will really help hydrate the hair and add moisture after shampooing.

We recommend: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Conditioner or Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner Aunt Jackies Moisture and Softening Conditioner


3. Deep Treatment Mask

Next is the deep treatment mask, some may say that its not necessary. But you will be surprised how well your hair grows and feels with this extra- step of softening and conditioning. Applying the deep treatment mask with a plastic cap on top, creates a warm environment and allows the conditioner to further penetrate your curly hair strands.


4. Leave- In Conditioner

Curly hair needs moisture! So once the deep treatment mask is washed out, the leave in conditioner can retain further moisture when the hair is left to dry. They tend to be usually water based and light in texture, allowing the water to hydrate your curls. As it also has softening properties, it is great for daily use and one our best sellers are Cantu Shea Butter and Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil. 


5. Cream/ Lotion

Next is the moisturiser, so I know you're probably wondering what is the difference between a leave-in conditioner and a cream/ lotion. And it's mainly to do with the consistency. Creams and lotions tend to be butter based, while leave-in conditioners tend to be water based. Not only that they are a lot thicker in consistency and moisturise the hydrated strands.

Remember leave-ins are for softening, while creams are for moisturising. If you're lucky you may be able to find a leave-in with super- moisturising properties but if your hair is 'quite dry' usually you'll definitely need both.


6. Oil


And lastly, we have oil! Oil seems to be very misunderstood throughout this whole process. Some add it instead of a moisturiser and some only use it as part of a hair treatment. But oils have a place each step of your haircare routine. Most natural hair products will have an oil infused into their shampoos, conditioners, deep treatment masks, leave-ins and even creams. This is because they are great at sealing in moisture!

Once your hair has been conditioned and moisturised the oil retains all the moisture into each hair strand. Although they are infused into most hair products, its also great to keep an essential oil handy so you can add it yourself whenever you feel the need too! Please be careful not to drench 'dry hair' with too much oil and it needs added last! If you would like to know how to help your hair lock in moisture, the right way, then click here.

And there we have it! The beginners guide to curly hair care! We do hope you liked it. Please comment below if you found these tips useful and we will see you in our next post. 


Hairglo x

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