How To Bake Like A Pro With The Black Opal Finishing Powder! (Dry Skin Approved)

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How To Bake Like A Pro With The Black Opal Finishing Powder! (Dry Skin Approved)

Black Opal deluxe finishing powder for darker skin women

Baking always looks so good on your favourite YouTuber right? But what if you struggle with dry skin? Well read on to find out how I have discovered the perfect baking tools and method using black opals finishing powder especially for dry skin! 

If you have dry skin like me, then you probably worry about applying makeup or loose powders that might dry out your skin even further. For a long time, I really avoided baking (or using any powdered products for that matter) because I knew my sensitive skin couldn’t handle it.

After applying my makeup, I always felt so shiny that I didn't feel like wearing makeup because my makeup look wasn't quite complete. I desperately needed to find a way to matify my makeup look, without drying my skin… then like magic I discovered the Black Opal's Deluxe finishing powder and have now come to love it! I have developed some fantastic tips and tricks for applying the loose powder and other (potentially) drying products to sensitive areas of my face.

Unlike most loose powders Black Opal’s Deluxe Finishing Power come in 4 shades specifically designed for people of colour: 1) Neutral Light 2) Medium 3) Dark and $) Deep. It doesn’t stop there; the product is also hypoallergenic which is perfect for sensitive skin too.


Now for my top 3 tips for applying black opal loose powder;


  1. Use the tool right.

Many people apply their loose powders with anything- from their fingers to makeup brushes to even beauty blenders! My preference as someone with dry skin is to work with a damp beauty blender. Not only does the beauty blender take away the excess powder but because its wet the moisture in the beauty blender leaves your skin feeling hydrated after each application.

Beauty blenders come in many shapes these days, but I like to work with the classic water drop shape. This way I can apply my powder with precision.


  1. Dust it off quickly!

When you’re watching your favourite YouTuber bake they seem to leave it on their skin forever right? Well that is totally fine if you have an oily or normal skin type. When you are applying finishing powder, you gotta make sure you don't leave it on too long or it may dry out your skin! So dust it off, once applied.


As a rule of thumb I like to apply it on one side, then the other side and immediately go back over the skin to remove any excess powder. This way your skin is mattified but not dry! 


  1. Loose, light & lovely!

The best tip I can offer, is to go in lightly with the powder! A little goes a long way, my loose powder has lasted me ages! You don’t need to cake the product on to get the results you’re after! Take the word ‘loose’ to heart and apply lightly and gently to your skin. Trust me it works!


That's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed my first blog post as a contributor for Hairglo. My name is Shahira! You can find me at @afroglory on Instagram. Follow me for daily posts on natural hair and all things afrocentic! 


See you in my next one! :)

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