CHANEL’S SUMMER HAIR FAVOURITES | Palmers, Organics, Creme Of Nature & Fantasia

CHANEL’S SUMMER HAIR FAVOURITES | Palmers, Organics, Creme Of Nature & Fantasia

Just like my skin, my hair is very important to me, so I like to treat my hair like my baby. I protect it and care for it. So I’m here to give you my favourite hair products which I feel keep my hair healthy and nourished! 
Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Milk SmoothieI’ve been using this hair milk for about 2 months now and I have to say I find it amazing! It keeps my hair moisturised and hydrated and keeps my hair looking super shiny on a day-today basis. Another thing I love about this hair milk is that it has coconut oil in it, which I am obsessed with for my hair! I apply the Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Smoothie in my hair every night before wrapping my hair to get the moisture soak in over night.

Palmers Coconut Oil Super Control Gel for Edges
Another Palmer’s product and of course once again it has coconut oil in it. I absolutely love this edge control, it keeps my edges slicked down and in place all day. I have tried about 7 different edge control gels and they always either make my hair really dirty with white flakey bits or they begin to melt down my face halfway through the day….hell no, we don’t need that in our lives! But this super control gel is amazing, keeps my hair looking clean, and of course holds down those edges!

Africa’s Best Kids Organics Shea Butter Detangling Moisturising Hair LotionWhen it comes to my hair I am a big baby! Any type of force applied and I’m holding back tears! So I decided to try Africa’s Best Kids Organic Shea Butter Detangling Moisturising Lotion and my gosh it is heaven! I know it is a kids product but who cares!? Hair is hair and it works! I apply this detangling lotion to my hair after washing and before blow drying, and I also apply it to my hair whenever my hair is feeling either knotty or tangled. The lotion makes the comb slide through my hair so easily and has definitely stopped my hatred of doing my hair.

Africa’s Best Organics Olive Oil Deep Conditioner
This deep conditioner is the real MVP! I love it! I deep condition my hair every two weeks and use this beauty. I apply a generous amount…okay I apply a LOT to my hair and brush it through with my tangle teaser, I wrap my head in cling film and leave it over night. This deep conditioner makes my hair feel brand new every two weeks, gives it the most amazing shine ever and moisturises it plenty. It is honestly fabulous!

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-In ConditionerAs you can probably tell from the product above, I love leaving conditioner in my hair so naturally, I fell in love with Creme of Natures Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner. I spray the leave-in conditioner in my hair every night and brush through it before wrapping my hair. Not only does it keep my hair conditioned, hydrated, nourished and moisturised, the liquid formula allows me to brush out the gel in my hair from that day, which is great as it makes my hair soft again as we all know gel can make your hair a little hard

Fantasia Hair Polisher Styling Gel for Color Treated HairThis gel is my all time favourite hair gel, hands down! I’ve been through so many hair gels and this one is perfect for my hair. It is for colour treated hair and although my hair is not colour treated it still works. This gel gives my hair the ultimate hold all day and doesn’t leave my hair rock solid like most gels, it also doesn’t make my hair super dirty which I have found happens with most hair styling gel products. This is deffo my go-to hair gel, hands down!

So they were my favourite hair products. I would 100% recommend them to anyone as they are all amazing and keep my hair super healthy. I don’t really like to experiment with the products that I put in my hair, once I’ve found something that works I stick to it! These products are amazing! So why not try them? What are your favourite hair products? Let us know? 



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