HOW to Relieve a Dry, FLAKY & Irritated Scalp

HOW to Relieve a Dry, FLAKY & Irritated Scalp

Having scalp issues can be a very frustrating thing to deal with, often a day to day challenge for those who suffer from it . Don’t worry you are not alone, many women also deal with this and it may be often embarrassing when there are visible signs of flaking and dandruff. There are many reasons this happens and lucky for you we are going to highlight why it happens and ways in which you can tackle them in this post.

Why do you get dry irritated scalp?

It happens because of a build-up of the natural secretion from oil-releasing glands in the scalp and the glands are pretty much in over-drive and continue to release oils on to the scalp.

It is actually more to do with your scalp being irritated, so be sure not to confuse it with having dandruff and a dirty scalp. You may find that even after washing your hair you still have the same white flakes which also has a white colour. The scalp renews too quickly and when in contact with the oils it shows a white flaky appearance. 

How do I fix my irritated scalp?

  • Use a coal tar shampoo- a great one is from Neutrogena, and it is medicated and really helps restore your scalp back to normal by removing the excess scalp oils causing your scalp issues. Use this for a short period and discontinue use once your scalp is non-flaky and irritated.
Jamaican Black Castor Oil treatment for dandruff and irritated and flaky scalp issues for black women
  • Apply oils to your scalp regularly- one of the main reasons why your scalp is producing too much oil, is because it needs it! If your scalp is often dry and you do not add oil to your haircare routine, your body compensates for it by secreting lots of oil from your glands. Jamaican black castor is a great oil, but you can also use olive, coconot, carrot oils as an alternative.
  • Do not over-wash your hair- because of the appearance of this white flakes, it is normal for you to want to wash your hair as much as you can, but this often makes it worse, because washing your hair has the tendency to strip away necessary oils from your hair. This in turn, causes your scalp to produce even more oil and consequently shed. Be careful to only wash your hair when fully needed and not solely because of flaking. 

We hope this post on irritated scalp issues was helpful. We really enjoying working on this and we have more hare care tips and advice that we will be sharing over the next few months. Please let us know if any of these tips work for you, or what you do to treat scalp issues, we would love to hear about it! 

Thanks for reading and we will see you in our next post!

Hairglo x

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