• Astral Original Intensive Moisturising Face & Body Cream
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Astral Original Intensive Moisturising Face & Body Cream

This versatile moisturiser has your beauty needs covered. It’s hydrating after a shower, nourishing after a day in the sun and cleansing after an evening in makeup. Astral’s intensely rich formula protects your skin from head to toe and keeps essential moisture locked in – so you can still feel it working hours later.

Astral’s well known tried and trusted formula has been extended to craft a range of moisturisers with naturally derived ingredients well known for their moisturising benefits. With three new flavours, Astral is now available with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil for all your skincare needs.



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Locks in Moisture
Astral Original contains lanolin, a rich natural moisturiser that creates a protective barrier while allowing your skin to breathe. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and easily absorbed by your skin.

Hydrates and smooths
The glycerine in Astral increases the moisture content of your skin by attracting water to the surface layers. It’s also a natural moisturiser that can help you achieve smoother-looking skin.

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