• The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Active Adhesive 1.3oz

The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Active Adhesive 1.3oz

Brand : Bold Hold


BOLD HOLD ACTIVE is a high-performance lace and toupee glue. Unlike your typical temporary adhesive, Bold Hold Active is a non-toxic water-based adhesive designed to provide a superior lightweight, lasting hold for lace front wigs and hair systems and toupes without damaging the lace or your edges.

This strong invisible bonding waterproof and humidity-resistant adhesive is perfect for those with excessively oily skin or highly active on a routine basis. This unique, water-based formula goes on white and dries clear for a strong invisible bond that will last from 2-3 weeks, even in the hottest climates. This premium odourless and skin-friendly formulation is free from harsh ingredients.

Bold Hold Active is made with non-toxic ingredients and is 100% latex-free—lab-tested and safe for most normal skin types. Proudly made in an FDA-Registered lab in the United States. Developed using high-quality ingredients for safety & effectiveness.

Always perform a 24-hour patch test before use for sensitivity.

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Gently clean skin with soapy water and remove body oils with a mild astringent or Bold Hold Lace Remover. Do not scrub or abrase skin. Apply a thin layer of Bold Hold Active, up to 7 layers. Allow adhesive to dry clear between applications. Apply lace to clear glue. Dry with a cool hairdryer and style. To remove, use Bold Hold Lace Remover., latex-free, & non-toxic to prevent irritability & damage to the skin. Always perform a patch test for sensitivity.

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