ARDELL Invisibands Wispies Lashes Black

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  • Safe and easy to use
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  • Lightweight

Accessorise your eyes! Instantly get beautiful lush lashes with easy to use Invisibands Lashes Wispies Black. Invisibands Lashes Wispies Black are the fastest way to have long, luscious eyelashes. Includes a reusable box for storage when not being worn.


1. Check fit: Align band with a natural lash line to check fit. If necessary, trim the outer end with scissors.

2. Apply Adhesive: Apply a thin line of adhesive along band. Wait for 30 seconds until adhesive becomes tacky.

3. Apply Lashes: Place eyelash band against eyelid as close to lash roots as possible. Gently press corners and along the band to secure.


To remove, gently peel off lash strip starting at outer corner with coconut oil, water or eyelash adhesive remover.