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Get Affirm grip on things with technological formulas for healthy hair – Explore more at Hairglo

Avlon Industries is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative and higher quality personal care products. Avlon understands that the client is an aspiring woman who goes beyond the ordinary to achieve her highest state of beauty. With a commitment to excellence shared by you, they strive to advance skills and product offerings.


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Just when you thought Avlon couldn't get any better, Affirm creates technologically advanced formulas that are one-step beyond remarkable. You will be amazed at the performance of their products like the iconic and improved Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System. The Avlon Research Centre has been diligently working through the years to improve the performance of all the products in the Affirm product ranges.

These efforts have led to arguably the most advanced relaxer system available. Often a first choice for stylists and haircare professionals, Affirm proves that its system retains significantly more fibre elasticity than our previous formulas, giving users the strongest hair possible while providing phenomenal straightening. With this, it also provides increased moisture content to the hair fibre, improved hair porosity and superior ease of combing!

With their unique formulas and new blends of exotic and cutting edge conditioning ingredients that strengthen and protect hair against damage by retaining significantly more fibre elasticity than its previous formulas.

Avlon is responsible for many of the most widely-used efficacious professional hair care on the market, including the well-known Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System, Styleright, collection & Moisturight collection that stylists love. Shop Affirm products in the UK at Hairglo.

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