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Curly Kids

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A chorus of complaints and frustrations gave birth to Curly Kids haircare. the undeniable recognition that our children’s hair was uniquely beautiful with all their curly, coily, kinky, frizzy and wavy textures.

Curly Kids hair products will not only enhance your child’s natural curl pattern but give their hair maximum moisture and manageability, but also infusing their delicate strands with nourishing vitamins and minerals as well.

The tender heads of children are more sensitive to irritation which is why Curly Kids hair product formula chooses to exclude known scalp irritants and harmful ingredients to promote healthier, stronger and softer strands for your little one. Make wash day a pleasant experience for both your little ones and you with its family-friendly Curly Kids Hair Products like Curl Poppin Crème, Curly Gel Moisturiser, Creamy Curl Defining Lotion and its Cleansing Curly Shampoo and Conditioners and much more at Hairglo.

All these Curly Kids Hair Products are made with gentle ingredients that won’t dry out your child’s hair.


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The Curly Kids Deep Conditioner available infuses hair with fast absorbing, vital moisture and nutrients. Your child’s hair will get softer and healthier with each use. Curly Kids’s Curl Defining Hair Lotion tames frizz and provides weightless curl definition. Ideal for hair types with a looser curl its Super Detangling Shampoo & Spray for Curly Kids. It gently cleans all curly hair textures and helps to reduce breakage leaving hair healthier and more manageable. The Curly Kids Hair Products range for Mixed Textured Hair offers high-quality haircare and is an excellent choice.

Curly Kids Hair Products were created with curly textured hair in mind to make haircare routines more manageable. However, Curly Kids Hair Products Advanced Mixed Haircare is a line versatile for all hair textures, curl patterns and races.

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