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Get the best results with Ampro Style ‘N Jam Gels available at Hairglo

Ampro Industries, Inc is a leader in personal care products for both consumers and hair care professionals. Founded in 1947, Ampro’s consistent growth has fuelled its Ampro Pro Styl collection of gels and is sometimes referred to as America’s Number Gel!

Through the years Ampro has consistently expanded its hair care line. A particular brand favourite is its newest essential line of Shine ‘n Jam Conditioning Gels.


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Shine 'n Jam Extra Hold is a styling gel everyone is highly sought after and a product many are raving about. Its formulation is free of alcohol, parabens, wax, petroleum and silicones. Its moisturising, non-flaking gel has a firm, non-greasy hold. Specially formulated and enhanced with honey extract to help strengthen hair it offers a great option for soft waves, braids, locks, twists or just about any style.

The Shine ‘n Jam collection has a versatile offering. The Shine 'n Jam Extra Hold gel specifically can be described as the ultimate styling tool for normal to thick hair. In other words whether you have a 4C or 3A hair type they are a great option.

Primarily used to smooth the edges of the hairline, Shine 'n Jam also helps neaten and maintain your hairstyle between salon visits, so don't be afraid to straighten. Ampro style ‘n jam can perform through dry hair and as you style as desired. For smoothing, apply a small amount to edges or tapered areas of the hair. Avoid excessive build-up and shampoo regularly. Avoid contact with eyes.

Ampro Style ‘N Shine is incredibly versatile and is proven to work wonders for many. Shop Ampro products in the uk at www.hairglo.co.uk

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