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    Semi-Permanent Hair Colour For Men & Women

    If you’ve been colouring your hair for a long time, did you know in the UK Hairglo has a large selection of the best hair colours from leading brands to pick from? Bigen, Crazy Color, Just For Men, Dark & Lovely, Creme of Nature, Clariol to name a few. We are your one-stop shop for semi-permanent hair colour, carrying the hottest colours from Fire Red to Mahogany Brown and Jet Blacks blacks from leading hair colour manufacturers.

    Our wide offering of hair colour for Men & Women feature contains ingredients that work to protect your hair as it gives you the colour and shine you desire. Whether it’s highlights or brave bright beach blonde, you’ll find the right shade.

    Find Your Perfect Shade Here –

    Whether it’s semi-permanent hair colours on offer or temporary spray on and colour wax hair colour, regardless of the method, try out different hair hues.

    Temporary spray on hair colour alternatives allows you to experiment without having to worry about the long-term impacts of permanent hair colouring. After only six to eight shampoos, the majority of the semi-permanent colour will fade. This provides you with lots of opportunities to try out new, trendy hair colours and see what works best for you.

    Check out semi-permanent hair fire red dye or even temporary spray on burgundy hair colour to see what it looks like on you! There’s many options for you to find the perfect shade.

    Shop Hair Colour, Hair Dye and Hair Colour Wax Online At Hairglo

    Discover the many Hair Colour brands at Hairglo with formulations and hues ranging from Black to Blonde and everything in between.

    Go wild with Crazy Colour, get a deep pigment with Adore, be safe with High Beams hair colour spray.

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