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Curly & Textured Haircare & Extensions

Welcome to Hairglo. Best Hair Shop for Hair Products & Skincare Products

Hairglo exists to provide a trusted shopping experience for natural hair products online for all textures. We are excited to streamline a more user-friendly experience to make your shopping experience as (easy) painless as possible. Wherever you are in the UK, you’re sure to have us close to you. Your local hair shop but online. ...

Why Choose Us?
Do you find it hard to source black, afro hair products online?
Did you wish your hair shop could be closer?
Need the best curly haircare products?
Need braiding or crochet hair?
Want to shop black hair products online?
Want to know the best natural hair products?
Don’t have an Afro-Caribbean or afro hair shop near you?
No black hair shops near you?
Looking for afro hair products?

Look no further.
To us, we’re not just a “hair shop” - we take pride in the products and services we offer. We encourage our customers to choose better standard and better quality brands. Our product knowledge on black haircare and extensions not only serve customers’ needs but achieve a more healthy hair shopping experience in all endeavours.

As Afro, curly haircare hair enthusiasts, we know there’s a wide spectrum of curly hair types and we understand hair is unique to each of us all. We all aren’t experts, and that can make it hard to choose what’s right for you. We all do not have the time to find make it to the salon, let alone find one we trust. It doesn’t help that product junkies are often experts on what’s good for them and when you try it out it’s a complete mess. These shortcuts leave you with inconsistently and unused products laying around. We get it! That’s why we do only the best in both old and new brands in black haircare.

Here are a few reasons why Hairglo isn’t your regular afro hair shop

We are honest and committed to offering a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience. When finding a place for all your hair care needs, many find themselves purchasing from untrustworthy merchants. Often times, companies get into ethical, legal problems due to their company practices and so change ...their company presence online to get away from negative press or pose as a different company entirely by simply using a different name. They may be cheaper in some cases, but these companies have no commitment to the quality or standard of black haircare. You will find that you’re nothing but another sale. Here at Hairglo we are black-owned and committed to offering you the best, at affordable prices. You can earn reward points when you shop. Earn while you shop.

With our years servicing our customers and the impact of Black Lives Matter in 2019 we have seen a resurgence of many customers interested in black-owned hair products as well as black-owned beauty supply stores. We have received many great testimonials about our work and Hairglo was featured in notable Stylist magazine as well as many other media outlets and platforms. We are proud to have received these recognitions for our standard as a company. Time and time again, we have exceeded expectations and left our customers more than satisfied with our services and products. We strive to have raving customers and supporters who are eager to tell their friends and family about us.

We pride ourselves on communication throughout your shopping experience, to clarify and answer any queries, questions or concerns. Honesty is key in the black hair and beauty sector. If orders or delivery problems arise, you will be the first to know. We offer standard, office-based support, available from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday; that said, we are a no-nonsense team and will always respond promptly when you need us.

We've been in business since 2017 and steadily established ourselves UK black hair community. We know you won't be disappointed. On that note, we actually practice what we preach – never trust a website without a solid about us page or social presence. You wouldn’t hire a mechanic that always has a broken car, would you?

Between the experts on our team, we have decades of experience as black men and women who have seen results with our product recommendations. We work with various brands and businesses within black hair & beauty like Curls. We bring our diverse background with hair types from 2b to 4c, as well wig lovers, protective style connoisseurs. Not only will you love the Hairglo Experience – be reassure that we will deliver. We're available on multiple channels. This is just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to expand.

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