• Xpression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair
  • Xpression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair
  • Xpression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair
  • Xpression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair
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Xpression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

X-pression hair is also available in a wide range of colours including blacks, browns to more vibrant colours such as reds and purples. You can click on each colour code and match colours.

2x 46 inch bundles and a new packaging design

Why is X-pression Hair so popular for braiding? 

It is made up of 100% Kanekalon, a synthetic fibre with a soft afro-hair texture. It has a hot water set technology which makes it suitable for hot water curling and rod sets for beautiful coils and curls. As well as curling your braids, it can also be used to seal the tips and prevent braids from loosening while maintaining its quality and soft texture.

Packs used for full head: 3-5 depending on hairstyle and desired fullness.
Recommendations: You can mix and match colours, lengths and textures to achieve the desired hairstyle. Perfect for canerows, box braids, plaits, twists and even faux locs.

Type of product: Bulk hair

Unlike the traditional and ‘well known’ X-Pression Ultra Braid, the hair is stretched before use and is perfect for those who want to save time prepping their hair before braiding.

As a result, this Xpression pre-stretched braiding hair option has been especially popular for those who also do their hair at home as it makes the braiding process much easier.

Also known as the ‘Original African Braid’, X-Pression is perfect for braiding hair and it stands out for its thickness, volume and versatility. Over the last few years, X-Pression's latest addition to the range is the Ultra- Braid Pre-Stretched hair celebrated for its ease of use for braiding hair. Unlike the traditional and 'well known' X-Pression Ultra Braid, the hair… Read More
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  • BG
  • BLUE
  • IBL
  • Ice Blue
  • Ice Green
  • Ice Lavender
  • Ice Orange
  • IGR
  • ILA
  • IOR
  • IPK
  • T1B/Li

Delivery Options At Checkout

  • UK NEXT WORKING DAY Order latest by 12 Noon £6.95
  • UK EXPRESS DELIVERY 2-3 Working Days £5.95
  • UK STANDARD DELIVERY 5-7 Working Days £4.95


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